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What is Dedicated Web Hosting?

Dedicated Web Hosting is that kind of hosting where all the resources of a Hosting are utilized by a single Website. It is also known as a dedicated server or managed hosting service. The resources are not shared by another website. The website has full control over the Hosting and with the choice of operating system and hardware and also allowed to manage it. So it would be definitely easy for them who wants to managed website. Dedicated web hosting is very popular and secure compared to shared Web hosting. If any Website uses a dedicated server they also get the benefit of high-performance and control with the better security. For the bulky traffic Dedicated Web hosting is more profitable for WordPress sites.

There is a long list of Dedicated Web Hosting providers on the internet and with that provide their Best-dedicated web hosting plans. The dedicated web hosting is ideal for large websites especially for those websites who have very high traffic on the website.

What is dedicated hosting

Why choose Dedicated Web Hosting?

Here I am sharing the reasons for choosing Dedicated Web Hosting for your Website.

  1. Sites hosted on the server:- The biggest advantage of choosing a dedicated server for your own website or business is that, Opposite to shared hosting, When you choose a dedicated hosting provider, you get the whole resources of a single server. Dedicated hosting does need users to share hosting with any other website.
  2. Bandwidth:- There is no sharing of bandwidth with another site. Instead of, The Dedicated hosting gives you the facility to use each of the bandwidth provided to the hosting itself on your own, without additional sites using it for their own traffic. So you don’t need to worry about the risk of surpassing the allotted bandwidth.
  3. Flexibility and more control:- With the right Dedicated hosting setup you can have measures in place to minimize downtime. You can customize the software with your own choice you can also manage the bandwidth of your website. which provides you authorities utilize the recourse as per your need.
  4. Response time:- With Dedicated Hosting the loading time is increased. Which is good to gain more traffic.  And because of this, users interaction becomes far better. Response time gather a major part of getting users back again on the website.

Best Security Services

The biggest advantage of dedicated hosting is that with it you gain a better level of safety. You don’t have to worry about other site bringing down your website nor do you need to worry about something like a Website Blacklisting. There is a lower risk of IP getting blacklisted as being the single user, and, As there is a single user so there are fewer chances to acquire viruses, malware and other threats to security. Your server comes with anti-virus filters and firewalls. Blacklisting only depends on the internet.

Best dedicated server hosting

Top Dedicated Web Hosting service provider

There are so many companies are available who are providing best Dedicated Web Hosting service at the best price. I am here to sharing with you the name of some best Dedicated Web Hosting service provider. So that It might be clear to you to choose the best the one among many hosting providers. Let’s see some most popular web hosting providers are below:-


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