Domain Name

What is a Domain Name

A domain name identifies our website and your website name. A domain name works as an address of a website that you type on a search bar to view a website. When you create a website then you need to search for a domain name that will build your identity for the audience. It helps in identifying the entity of your firm rather than an IP address.

How do Domain name work

On the Internet, your domain name is your unique recognition, It is the very first thing a coming customer will see and immediately speak your brand, let out the customer Know who are you and what you selling do can from a link. The domain allows people to enter the website by remembering easy words or other customs instead of a long string of numbers. Every website on the internet has involved (IP address) internet protocol address that a long string of numbers.

What is IP Address

An IP address is an address that identifies the device on the internet. It allows a method to be valid by another system to connect through the internet protocol.

 Domain Name Fulfill three things.

  1. Create a stable first Impression
  2. Define your Brands
  3. Optimize SEO

Create a stable first Impression:  Domain URL is the first thing arrival the customer sees and interacts with your brand, strange and remembering it easy to recognize your work speaks them want.

 Define your Brands: A Domain name can be used to immediately speak to your brand, let out the customer know who are you and what you selling or a unique website name can create a link.

Optimize SEO: SEO search engine optimization is the activity of your Webpage, SEO is a process which is done to increase the ranking of particular keywords of a web page.

Different types of Domain Name:

types of domain name

  • Top-level: In 1985 internet authority released six top-level domains, these top-level domain extensions became knows as Domain Extension. For example  .com, .gov, .org, .net
  • Country code top-level: A country code top-level domain is a top-level domain name that is used to assess the domain for a special country or a geographical area. Every country has a domain name done for it.
  • Second-level: Second level domain is domains that follow top-level domain, for example,  Nike is a second-level domain.
  • Third level: Third-level domain materially follow second-level domain, www is the third level domain.

Making a good Domain Name:

features of domain name

  • Length: When it comes to a domain, lower is more. A shorter name is easy to find and to type, which means the user finds you. The length of your domain shorter is better.
  • Simplicity: You want people to memory your domain and type it purely. Difficult or unusual words or names may be hard to recall and spell properly.
  • Keywords: keyword sporting an important role in a domain. By using keywords in your domain name, you say the search engine what your website about it. Keywords in your domain help you rank higher in Google.
  • Website: Your domain name should be the same your brand, or close to it is possible, you don’t want to confuse people, who type your website name and get a website with a different name.
  • Avoid numbers & hyphens: When you are selecting a domain name then try to make it a number and hyphen free. Because when you use hyphen and number in a domain then it became difficult to memorable for the users.


A domain name is our Website identity, and it is a unique name when we make a good domain so it’s important that our domain was simple, and its length was short, and make sure we avoid numbers and hyphens.

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