Using Video Streaming Services

Using Video Streaming Services

  Video streaming is not a new idea. It has simply become more popular as people look for alternative ways to satisfy their entertainment and information needs. Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube have all used the web’s capability to deliver professional and user-generated videos to their own advantage.  Unfortunately, the ability to stream videos freely has been threatened by the Federal Communication Commission’s plan to end net neutrality.  Conservative pundits have attempted to make it a free speech issue, but radio talk show hosts such as Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh failed to understand what net neutrality is.

Net neutrality does means that Internet service providers do not respect the source of the data. All of the data, regardless of the source, is passed along. It means that the small guys and the big providers have exactly the same access to the trunks. Ending net neutrality would allow large ISPs such as Verizon, Comcast, and others to give priority to the people who pay more for bandwidth. Their desire to end neutrality makes sense from a business perspective, but unfortunately, it would also stand a good chance of ending the open nature of the Internet as we know it. The Internet was not ever intended to be a commercial enterprise. It was designed as a decentralized network that would function in the event of a nuclear war.

Now, the modern era has introduced many things to the Internet that designers never intended. This includes streaming. If the large companies have their way, it would make streaming services like Netflix, Youtube and Hulu impractical. It would also limit them to pre-broadband speeds. If someone needs a reliable service or wants to find out more about net neutrality, they can visit mediasoftstream. The reader can also find out about high-quality live streaming services.

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