Running a Successful Business

Running a Successful Business

Did you know that 8 out of 10 new businesses fail within the first 18 months of start-up? Yes, that is an astounding 80% of all businesses that never make it past the first year and a half. I’m sure there is some statistic floating around out there about how many of the 20% ever achieve success, but I digress. The primary reason many of these companies fail is two-fold. First, they lack the necessary customer service and quality that is expected. Second, they tend to underestimate their costs, and/or overspend needlessly. This is where a company like Synchroteam is very useful and valuable.

As I said before, customer service and cost overruns are difficult tasks for any business, let alone a new one. First, let’s tackle the issue of customer service. If you don’t meet the needs of your customers then they will stop ordering from you, period. The surest way to success is to always put the customers needs first. This is where service management software becomes handy, and companies like Synchroteam have gotten it right. This type of software allows you to maintain a calendar of service calls and meetings, and even plots out customer locations and the movement of your sales and technical folks. You can design custom routes for your employees to follow in order to meet the needs of all customers in a defined period of time. Don’t be fooled, this software isn’t only for scheduling and location purposes, but can also store customer quotes and invoicing. This should truly meet your needs from customer origination all the way to invoice payment. Even if you already have a billing and accounting system in place, chances are this software can partially or fully integrate with those existing applications.

Now let’s tackle the cost overruns that typically plague a new business, and how this software helps to curb those costs. Human capital is generally the most expensive cost to any business, you need people developing your products, selling those products, and of course maintaining your accounting and bookkeeping records. The software developed by Synchroteam will let you increase the efficient use of your existing employee base rather than having to hire additional heads. It allows them to complete similar tasks in a time efficient manner and to utilize their resources in more areas than they were previously able. What’s even better is that you won’t be on the hook for all the capital cost that comes with implementing expensive software and applications, rather a monthly fixed payment based on the level of service and software that you need, click here to see how the software looks.

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