Why Social Media is Vital to Your SEO

Post in on Facebook: Why Social Media is Vital to Your SEO

You already know it –or you are supposed to know it by now –social media is a great and affordable way to drive traffic to and promote your website. Social media can also provide a great boost to your page ranking and is a vital tool in your off-page SEO toolbox. You should learn how to leverage social media to enjoy its SEO benefits. Here are 5 quick tips from Boca Raton SEO on how you can do just that on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social media platforms:

Use Social Media to Promote Your Keywords and Content

Facebook is a wonderful platform for letting people find you. You should post on a regular basis so that your readers (and new readers) can become better acquainted with your keywords and nature of the content you provide. Make sure that the keywords you use on your website are the same ones you promote on social media. This will also have the added effect of shaping readers’ keyword search terms and improve the chances of you being found on search engines.

Driving Traffic Back To Your Website

When you post on social media, always provide a link back to your site. The post on Facebook or Twitter is meant to act like a hook –it gets the reader interested so that they can go back to your website for more. If you hook correctly, you can catch a lot of fish and the quality of your website is the net that will make sure the fish are properly caught. Social media is a very great tool to introduce new traffic to your website.

Let Others Advertise For You

One engaging post or tweet can start an avalanche. With a few re-tweets and shares, you website can be catapulted from obscurity to instant fame. While most of the new traffic will be one-time visitors, some will end up repeat visitors and greatly improve traffic to your site. Another advantage of social media is the exponential effect: one person will share your post with ten, who will also share it with another ten, et cetera. Social media provides you with a platform to quickly and widely spread the word on your website.

Make it Work by Being Consistent

While social media can work wonders for your website if you use it to post content that is valuable and engaging, at Boca Raton SEO we have found that it is imperative to be consistent with your social media activity. If you post, make sure to do it within a schedule, whether once a day, every forty eight hours, or every week. This builds a rapport between you and your audience and they know they can rely on you to post or tweet at expected times.

Our recommendation at Boca Raton SEO is to make use of social media which is an accessible and affordable tool as part of your SEO kit. Be consistent, provide value, be trustworthy and you will reap the benefits of social media SEO.

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