Looking For A Special Ringtone

Looking For A Special Ringtone?

Are you bored with the generic ringtones extended by your mobile phone and looking for some customized preferences? The bespoke ringtones set as per your respective preferences get an edgy special appeal to your device- making it stand out over other similar phones in a room. Moreover, a bespoke ringtone even mirrors your elegant taste and edgy personality. There are different ways how you can get a customized special ringtone for your mobile phone.

Download the ringtones

It’s the easiest means to gather free of charge ringtones for iPhones. There are a great lot of reputed websites with a versatile collection of tunes that allow a free download for the mobile phones. The great bit is that these websites even allow you to upload your preferred tracks & convert these into customized ringtones for the iPhone. You would simply need to find a trusted website where you can login to download the songs.

Now, click on the “make ringtone tab” that would move you to the song selection list. Remember the song you are talking to for the ringtone must be in MP4 format. After you have clicked on “Upload” & selected the needed song for the ringtone, click on the “Open” tab. The site would take some time for complete upload & processing of the song. As the song gets uploaded, you must mention the title of the track, artist & category. Then, you have to notify the song duration- permitted duration limit would vary with sites. As the processing gets complete, you have to specify the portion of the track you are planning to set as your ringtone. Now click on the “Create Ringtone” part. It’s to stress here that these sites even allow the users to add special effects on the tone to make it more customized and special.

After you have successfully created your customized ringtone, download the tune & save in the computer from where you would add the tune into your iPhone.

Take to iPhone Apps

You can even create your special ringtone through iPhone apps. First of all, go to the iTunes Store to search for the “Ringtone Maker”. As you get there you will be greeted by a variety of apps enabling one to create up iPhone ringtones. Choose a compatible app from the roster to download & install it on the Iphone. Now, select your favorite song that you have been planning for the special ringtone & specify the duration of the tone. In case of free versions, the duration permitted is 30 seconds whilst its 40 seconds for paid versions. If you are okay with the ringtone, save the tone on your app.

Now, open up iTunes & connect the phone to your PC or laptop. Select iPhone, move to apps & go to file sharing. Then, select ringtone & save it. This would save ringtone on the PC. Next, open up the folder containing the saved tune & drag-&-drop it into iTunes window. It would save the tone inside iTune library. Now, pick the tone from iTune library followed by a drag-&-drop action to the iPhone. Finally, set the tone for the iPhone device.

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