How To Make Your Own Website?

How To Make Your Own Website?

The Internet is the largest business platform in the world. Every business needs a website to survive in an online environment. A website acts as a platform to the world, a business card and an advertisement for a business. However, setting up a good website can cost up to thousands of dollars which is a lot for a small business. This is a problem Brock Hamilton hoped to solve when he set up that offers tutorials on how to make your own website.

The Course

This is a website built to provide anyone wishing to have a website the chance to build and maintain their own professional looking site for a fraction of the normal cost and time. Building a good website requires considerable programming expertise. The site can, however, get people with little or no web programming experience up and running with a professional looking website in about 30 minutes.

The learning process starts with teaching the basics. This includes how to set up and register a domain along with setting up web hosting and then progressing to the actual building of the site. Brock’s website has a series of 42 video tutorials that will help users learn about every aspect of managing and maintaining a website. These two are very important once an actual site has been built. Every website needs to be maintained, and this can prove difficult without the right knowledge. This makes this tutorial invaluable.

Since Brock’s website is free to use for all tutorials, it comes as a welcome solution for anyone that wants a website. One thing that stands out is that the site teaches all aspects of a website from hosting to setting up. This provides a website owner with enough information to survive on their own without expensive IT consultation later on. It is, therefore, a highly recommended site to visit for anyone who needs his or her own website.

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