Difference Between HD and 3D Technology

Difference Between HD and 3D Technology

Technology is one thing that always keeps improving consistently, and this makes it easier for people to enjoy more comfort and enjoy more features. The real difficulty comes into picture, when people are not aware of the terms and their meaning, technological terms for a layman could be very confusing.

And now, we can see many acronyms being used even in advertisements and commercials for any technological feature, for instance like that of HD and 3D technology features in latest Television sets. Leading TV manufacturers try to bring in the theatrical and live visual feel to TV users using these technologies and when we buy these TVs it is important to know its difference so that we choose the right product.

Here is the difference between HD and 3D Technology, HD is High Definition where the screen resolution is better and gives high-quality visual effects whereas in 3D is 3Dimensional which gives an altogether new dimension of view closer to real-time viewing of a picture or scene. 3 D gives a better real-time experience of the view of the scenes whereas HD provides a better quality of visuals based on what kind of feel and visual effect you need you can choose one accordingly.

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