BlueHost Vs InMotion Hosting

Bluehost Vs InMotion Web Hosting

A lot of people were requesting for the comparison between Bluehost and Inmotion. So finally, we decided to come up with the Bluehost VS InMotion debate. Most of the folks are already familiar with the Bluehost service and some still want to know more about Inmotion.

In this Bluehost Vs InMotion post, we’ll try to cover all the major point which is necessary while purchasing hosting service for your website. Our in-depth look at these two web hosting service providers will start off with the breakdown of each company’s pros and cons to give you a solid overview. Not only the strength and weakness but we will also explore features, customer support, and the service value for money.

If you are too curious to know more information about these hosting providers then you can check out the detailed Inmotion and Bluehost review. Or you can even read the comparison by following the link below:


Both Bluehost and InMotion are top-notch hosting providers and offer a range of hosting plans from shared to VPS and dedicated hosting including WordPress hosting. Inmotion is a better choice for features and customer support. Meanwhile, Bluehost is good for WordPress integration and its value for money. Inmotion hosting plans mainly focuses on the business website, while Bluehost is a good option for beginners and personal website.

If we look closely both Bluehost and Inmotion are great providers who have earned a good reputation in the hosting world. Bluehost powers over 2 million websites all over the globe, whereas Inmotion has also grown a customer base of over 300,000 domains. Inmotion sparkle when it comes to its features and disk space, while Bluehost is well-known for the affordable price and customer support.

Now, let’s move ahead to find out more pros and cons of the hosting providers,

Pros and Cons of BlueHost and InMotion

When it comes to pros and cons, there is a lot of information on the internet about each provider. It makes really hard to figure out which one has the best features for your site.

To make it easy for you to understand we have decided to come with the detailed strength and the weakness of each provider.  Have a look at the good and the ugly side of Bluehost and Inmotion below.

BlueHost OverView

BlueHost Pros & Cons

Bluehost Pros
  • Free domain – this is something where you can save up to $14. If you are getting a free domain registration, then what could be better than that.
  • 9% uptime – Bluehost cares for your business and provides 99.9% uptime which is extremely reliable.
  • Free SSL certificate and unmetered SSD storage
  • Comes in a pocket-friendly budget
  • WordPress integration – official recommended by
Bluehost Cons
  • No free website migration
  • Bluehost default backup solution is fairly limited.

Inmotion Overview

InMotion Pros & Cons

InMotion Pros
  • Free domain
  • 8% uptime guarantee
  • Unlimited bandwidth and disk space
  • Security suite – Free SSL, Hack Protection, Automatic Backups Available and DDoS Protection
  • High-quality help and customer support
InMotion Cons
  • Less affordable price plans
  • It has fewer supporting & help features but quality over quantity

As you can see, there are close similarities between Bluehost and InMotion. They both provide free domain and great uptime reliability which is most needed on a website.

Now you might be wondering, what is the difference?

The major differences between these two web hosting service providers are that Inmotion’s unlimited disk space and SSD storage features are really strong. The security feature totally beats Bluehost.  Also, the daily backups are available with Inmotion which Bluehost is unable to offer.

But it doesn’t mean that Bluehost is not capable to host your website. As it is affordable you can start your personal blogging site with it. Bluehost is best for beginners because it officially recommended the company for WordPress which means that even a beginner without any specific knowledge about the web tools can operate a website.

Bluehost Vs InMotion Overall Verdict:

Overall Inmotion beats Bluehost with its extra features. The hosting cost in which Inmotion is charging higher than the Bluehost is for the features which Bluehost is incapable of. In particular, free backups and robust help & support are the positive sides of Inmotion that makes it the more all-rounder option.

Hosting Plans of Bluehost and InMoiton

Both companies provide a range of hosting services like shared, VPS, dedicated and more. But for now, to make you understand better we’ll compare the shared hosting plan.

BlueHost & InMotion Shared Hosting

Bluehost Shared Hosting

Bluehost shared hosting plans are very cheap. If you dive into its page then you’ll find four different types of shared hosting plans –

  • Basic – As low as $2.95/month
  • Plus – As low as $5.45/month
  • Choice Plus – As low as $5.45/month
  • Pro – As low as $13.95/month

These all the plans offer you free domain name registration, resource protection, scalability, SSL certificates, and marketing credits. You can get it for cheaper rates by using BlueHost Promo Codes.

The advanced plan includes – Multi-server management, access control, content delivery network, advanced capabilities, uniques IPs, site locks, and Domain privacy and protection.

InMotion Shared Hosting

Inmotion shared plans covers tonnes of features and comes with a higher price than Bluehost. It has divided its plan into three categories –

  • Launch – As low as $3.99/month
  • Power – As low as $5.99/month
  • Pro – As low as $13.99/month

InMotion shared hosting feature overtakes to its competitor. The feature includes – free SSD drives, data backups, free 1-click application installer, SSH access, google apps integration, max speed zone and more.

More Differences between BlueHost and InMotion

Customer Support – This is something that may require anytime during your work. Technical issues may occur while working on your website which will prevent you from achieving the goals.

BlueHost Compared to InMotion

Inmotion support team’s performance is better than Bluehost. However, Bluehost’s customer response takes time but its average. With both hosting service providers, you get the option to contact them through phone calls, live chat, and email. You can also visit the support page of both hosting companies where there are lots of knowledge bases, FAQs and video tutorials.

Money-back Guarantee – Both the companies offer money-back guarantee and freedom to get on the online business track. But InMotion allows you to use their service for 90 days. That means you’re getting a 90-days money-back guarantee with InMotion, Whereas Bluehost money-back guarantee is only for 30-days.


With the help of this Bluehost Vs InMotion article, you can easily decide whether to go for Bluehost or InMotion. Both these hosting providers are best according to the need. One is affordable and another is good for its features. With both the companies millions of people are connected only because of their reliable service and features. Because InMotion is leading with some points doesn’t mean Bluehost is poor. Check out the detailed review of Bluehost.

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