A Great First Home Away from Home

A Great First Home Away from Home

Being just eighteen years old, I’ve got to say moving out of my parents’ home and finding my own place to live has been downright scary. Finding Silver Spring apartments and moving into one with a couple of friends is both exciting and downright frightening. Sure we’ll have lots of fun away from the prying eyes of our parents, but we’re also on the hook for the rent and all the other stuff that comes with living on your own. Fortunately, I’ve got a couple of very responsible friends who understand the undertaking and so there are no fears about making the rent.

The problem was finding the right place. We wanted to stay away from the bad parts of town, if we could afford to, but also to be in a place where we can easily get to our jobs as well as places of interest in town. Just with these minimal requirements it seemed difficult to find the perfect place. I think once we finally did find our new home, we all breathed a collective sigh of relief. It’s a great place and perfect for us.

I love all the things you can do around the complex. Of course they’ve got a pool, but they also have a fitness center and tennis courts which is perfect because I actually do play tennis. I played in high school and I’m pretty good, so having a court to play on is a big deal. The staff at the apartment complex are great. They’re friendly and very helpful with questions and concerns. We’re moving in now and can’t wait to get down to just living on our own and following our dreams. We might even invite our parents over for dinner from time to time as long as long as they’ll bring the food!

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