5 Things You Will Love About The iOS7

5 Things You Will Love About The iOS7

iOS is the OS of Apple iPhones and like PC and Mobile users know, Apple offers many unique features for its users which people cannot find in any other smartphones. Since its iPhone inception, Apple has been consistently improving its iOS delighting Apple iPhone users with better features and rectifying the flaws in older versions by enhancing them in the newer versions. With the latest iOS7, there are many new features which are so special to Apple users that make them love it when using.

Here are 5 Things You Will Love About The iOS7, and the foremost of them is the Control center using which we can easily switch modes and control all applications in one screen. The second thing cool about iOS7 is the multitasking menu that enables users to handle multiple apps without closing them while using another app.

The next thing is the amazing photo gallery that lines up pictures in a grid, so that with a thumb press any pic can be selected and viewed. Another lovable thing is the care and support provided through automatic updates by Apple’s app store. And above all the new camera app is the most highlighting thing about iOS7 providing High definition recording even during instant video recording.

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